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Personal protections

Bullet proof vests and shields

AMEFO offers bullet-proof armored plates answering the specific needs of personal protection thanks to:

  • Use of certified liner materials:
  • Glass fibre
  • Aramid: Kevlar®, Twaron®
  • High performance polyethylene: Dyneema® UD, Endumax®, Spectra Shield®, Tensylon™
  • In-depth knowledge of material engineering
  • Laboratory ballistic Tests
  • Field proven experience

AMEFO’s bullet proof armored plates provide protection against standard ball and armor piercing ammunitions of various calibers:

  • 7,62 NATO FMJ
  • .30 M2 AP
  • 7,62 X39 API BZ
  • 7,62 X54 R B32 API

AMEFO provides standard products suitable for the Defense and the Security sectors:

  • Infantry
  • Special forces
  • Police forces and penitentiary administrations
  • Close protection officers

And comply with the following requirements:

  • Mass/protection ratio optimization
  • Anti-trauma performance
  • Multi-impact resistance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Resistance to the toughest operational conditions. (immersion, drop resistance, temperature variations and more)

Bullet proof vests

Gilet pare-balles / Bullet proof vest
Plaque balistique avant / Ballistic plate, strike face
Plaque balistique arrière / Ballistic plate, back side

Personal protection panels

Protections balistiques transportables / Personal protection panels