Critical infrastructure protection

AMEFO offers a wide range of solutions for the protection of critical assets and sensitive areas. Those solutions improve the traditional perimeter of security and surveillance means by providing physical protection against ballistic and blast effect damages.

AMEFO’s innovative solutions ensure resilience of critical assets in the event of terrorism, natural hazard or accident due to exploitation:

  • Ballistic protection
  • Anti RPG protection
  • Protected doors
  • Blast mitigation due to technological disaster or deliberate attacks

Ballistic protection

  • Armored panels based on various ballistic materials protecting sensitive elements and areas (steels, composites, ceramics)
  • Transparent add on armor for glassed areas
  • Tailor made solutions that can be easily integrated
Protections balistiques en divers matériaux / Ballistic protection panels made of various materials

Anti RPG protection

AMEFO offers a unique passive RPG defeat solution specially designed to protect against shaped charge of rocket propelled grenades. The Flex Fence system employs a patented advanced solution and intelligent engineering offering the best neutralization ratio on the market. This light weighted product is designed to fit in any type of new and retrofitted vehicles. Our solutions can be easily mounted onto any hull of existing platform or structure without any design changes.

  • Opaque or transparent armored panels
  • Protection bars for glazed areas

Protected doors

  • Reinforced hinges
  • Combat locks and door-assist mechanism
  • Locking mechanism
    • Recessed to prevent damage
    • Cannot be opened from the outside
    • Resistant to burglary and vandalism
Porte blindée pour les infrastructures sensibles / Protected door for critical infrastructures

Blast mitigation

  • Protection can be deployed to protect buildings and underground compounds
  • Tailor made conception following various types of threats and building curvatures
  • Protection against flying debris and blast pressure effect
  • Operating assets Protection
Protection de composants sensibles / Sensitive components protection

Protection against large explosive warhead rockets

  • Designed to protect sensitive assets such as containers for hazardous materials: ammonium, brome etc.
  • Multilayer protection adapted to large rocket warhead mechanisms and lethal effects (fragmentation and blast)
  • Tailor made conception following various types of threats and building curvatures
Solutions de protection de sites et d’éléments stratégiques / Security solutions for strategic elements and structures