Complex subassemblies for the railway industry

AMEFO has long-time experience in designing and producing mechanically welded subassemblies for the railway industry in the rolling stock field: bogies, suspension crossmembers etc.

AMEFO also provides its customers with services for specific parts in small quantity, spare parts, repair and maintenance.

This knowledge is certified by the EN 15085 homologation and AEMFO is also a recognized supplier of the SNCF, the French national railway company.

AMEFO’s experience in project management and simultaneous engineering ensure to its partners:

  • Management of project development
  • Project performance achievement at the best cost

  • Compliance to quality requirements

  • Integration of different working constraints into the production process

  • Project planning

  • On-time delivery

Following the needs and the requirements of your project, we provide:

  • Capacity to establish a manufacturing file from dimensioned drawings

  • Production processes control (cutting, sawing, folding, machining, surface treatment…)

  • Mastering welding processes and associated tools manufacturing. Capacity to follow specific tolerances, from little to large dimensions.

  • Welding standard operation procedure certifications

  • Non-destructive quality control techniques (dye penetrant, radiographic, ultrasonic and magnetic testing), COFREND 2 certification of our control staff

  • Prototype validation through an independent and approved external body before production

  • High reactivity to put in place a production line with reliable processes

  • Traceability documentation system following requirements

Achievements: mechanically welded subassembly

Engine mount

Y 34 chassis

Bâti motrice /Engine mount
Bâti motrice de train /Train engine mount
Chassis Y 34 / Y 34 chassis

TGV reduction gearbox

Z TER cross-member

Reduction gearbox

Corps de réducteur de TGV / TGV reduction gearbox
Traverse Z TER / Z TER cross-member
Corps de réducteur / Reduction gearbox

Wagon’s Sheet-steel side walls and hoppers

Wagons de transport de ballaste / Ballast transport wagons

Tramway intermediary modular frames

Soudure d’un cadre module intermédiaire de Tramway / Tramway intermediate modular frame welding
Cadre module intermédiaire de Tramway / Tramway intermediate modular frames
Tramway Strasbourg