Add on armor kits for Optronic devices and remote-control weapon stations

AMEFO offers custom made add-on armor kits to protect optronic devices and remote-control weapon stations against ballistic threats and flying debris damages while ensuring the proper devices’ functioning.

  • Armored protection panels based on various ballistic materials:
    • Glass fibre
    • Aramid: Kevlar®, Twaron®
    • High performance polyethylene: Dyneema® UD, Endumax®, Spectra Shield®, Tensylon™
      • Armored steels
      • Composite materials
      • Ceramics
    • STANAG/NIJ standards compliance
    • Multi-impact resistance
    • Adjustable size and dimension
    • Rear side low deformation, anti-trauma
  • Adaptable weight to suit customer’s needs
  • Ensure proper functioning of the equipment, does not impact visibility nor the device rotation mechanism
  • Ease of installing and dismantling

Applications :

  • Weapon sights
  • sensors
  • remote-control weapon stations
  • Ammunition stocks
Conception et fabrication de protections blindées pour tourelles téléopérées / Armored protection designing and production for remote controlled turrets
Tourelle téléopérée blindée / Armored remote controlled weapon station