AMEFO designs and produces armor solutions for planes and helicopters

In cooperation with your teams, we design the most optimal protection for any type of aircraft, focusing on:

  • Crew protection
  • Mobility
  • Design
  • Isolation

Our solutions respond to the following requirements:

  • Protection adapted to the interior configuration of any type of aircraft
  • Considering flying constraints (Favorable load distribution inside the aircraft etc.)
  • Protection materials selection following the type of threat (including 12.7 caliber)
  • Multi impact resistance
  • Environmental constraints resistance (humidity, thermal shocks, vibrations, fire resistance…)
  • Mass/protection ratio optimization
  • Modular solutions allowing easy mounting/dismounting by the crew

Cockpit protection, modular floor and inside lateral panels

AMEFO produces modular floors and anti-spall liners against ballistic threats and flying debris for all critical parts of aircrafts to improve the survivability of the crew.

  • Lightweight solution that does not affect the aircraft’s performance in Ceramic & composite materials
  • Use of certified materials:
    • Glass fiber
    • Aramid: Kevlar®, Twaron®
    • High performance polyethylene: Dyneema® UD, Endumax®, Spectra Shield®, Tensylon™
  • Assembly Kits and spare part delivery
  • custom made to match the dimensions that best meet your requirements

Its latest advances enable AMEFO to provide:

  • Ceramic panels of different purity to find the most suitable weight/protection/cost ratio
  • Thermoplastic resin based liners, an AMEFO/PLASAN exclusivity, combining high temperature resistance and absence of volatile organic compounds (VOC) inside the cabin
  • Flexible/bendable liners to fit vehicles’ slight curves or to facilitate the integration in parts difficult to access
  • 3D molded liners that can be adapted to complex aircraft shapes
Surprotection balistique pour hélicoptère type Chinook / Ballistic add on armor for Chinook helicopter
Surprotection balistique pour hélicoptère type Black Hawk / Ballistic add on armor for Black Hawk helicopter
Surprotection balistique pour hélicoptère type Super Puma / Ballistic add on armor for Super Puma helicopter

Plane and helicopter add on armor

Panneaux intérieurs latéraux blindés pour aéronefs / Inside armored lateral panels for aircrafts
Plancher blindé modulaire en céramique / Ceramic modular armored floor
Plancher blindé modulaire installé dans le véhicule / Modular armored floor installed inside the aircraft

Armored seat

Plaques de blindage pour siège / Armor plates for seats
Siège blindé / Armored seat