Tooling, assembly and maintenance for the aerospace industry

AMEFO designs and produces equipment and tooling enabling the transport of aircraft parts, implements the final assembly line and provides vehicle maintenance.

To comply to the aircraft industry needs and requirements regarding development time and tooling weight, AMEFO relies on its:

  • Know-how in mechanical welding to provide the most optimal solutions
  • Quality and precision parts production
  • Capacity to deliver a complete set
  • Competences to work in simultaneous engineering

AMEFO’s experience in project management and simultaneous engineering ensure to its partners:

  • Management of project development
  • Project performance achievement at the best cost

  • Compliance to quality requirements

  • Integration of different working constraints into the production process

  • Project planning

  • On-time delivery

Following the needs and the requirements of your project, we provide:

  • Capacity to establish a manufacturing file from dimensioned drawings

  • Production processes control (cutting, sawing, folding, machining, surface treatment…)

  • Mastering welding processes and associated tools manufacturing. Capacity to follow specific tolerances, from little to large dimensions.

  • Welding standard operation procedure certifications

  • Non-destructive quality control techniques (dye penetrant, radiographic, ultrasonic and magnetic testing), COFREND 2 certification of our control staff

  • Prototype validation through an independent and approved external body before production

  • High reactivity to put in place a production line with reliable processes

  • Traceability documentation system following requirements


Transport tooling for AIRBUS A350 parts

Outillage pour le transport de tronçons d’avions Airbus A350 / Transportation tools for A350 parts
Ligne de montage A350 / A350 assembly line

Assembly and disassembly Lift trucks for mirage 2000 aircrafts’ motor

Chariot de dépose de moteurs montage /démontage pour le mirage 2000 / Assembly and disassembly Lift trucks for mirage 2000 aircraft’s motor
Maintenance de moteur de mirage 2000 / mirage 2000 motor maintenance

Assembly calculation and validation

Calcul par éléments finis d’une chandelle d’assemblage de tronçons d’avion / Plane’s industrial tooling calculation, validation and assembly